Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY St. Patrick's Day Place Card

Last Thanksgiving I came across a tutorial for making a pilgrim hat using a clay flower pot - check it out here. I never had the time to make it, but saw an opportunity to use the same technique for a different holiday...St. Patrick's Day!

So I gathered up the necessary items to make a leprechaun's hat: the clay pot, green paint, black ribbon and a gold buckle...

First paint the flower pot (I couldn't get the spray paint to play nice with the clay, so I used green acrylic paint instead), then wrap the ribbon through the buckle and around the pot - that's it!

I decided to make the little hat into a place card because my obsession with place cards is still in full effect...


Tamara Gerber said...

Very nice! I am always looking for new St. P's ideas :-)


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